The Pasco County Democratic Environmental Caucus is a chapter of the Florida State Democratic Environmental Caucus. Jess met the group in early January 2019 as they were trying to establish their goals for the year. The Pasco County chapter was a newly formed group. I offered to assist them through facilitation services. I researched the caucus by reading about their objectives, mission, and Environmental Bill of Rights. I used a mind mapping tool to learn more about the state caucus and the county caucus. These were used to clarify with the secretary of the board. The secretary and I met monthly to plan how best to assist the group. I proposed starting with a historical scan to help with shared understanding prior to any long-term planning. The group was able to complete the historical scan over the course of two meetings.

Processes Used:

  • Institute of Cultural Affairs, Technology of Participation
  • Historical Scan Workshop
  • Historical Scan Debrief Session – Focused Conversation

Documents Produced:

Type of Process: Lead Facilitator

Name of Organization: Pasco County Democratic Environmental Caucus