Why Meeting Facilitation?

As a leader or group member, have you experienced overwhelm, disengagement, and inaction? Has the status quo of ho hum meetings and interactions with your group left you wandering aimlessly? Having a trained and professional facilitator can help to design an engaging meeting process, manage the group dynamics, and give structure to achieving your meeting objectives. Whether you are a leader of a public or private entity, meeting facilitation can build communication, critical thinking, collective action, and community.

How we meet and engage group members matters.  According to Gallup’s new State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report on employees in the United States, 74% are actively disengaged and employee engagement correlates strongly to employee retention.  Meeting facilitation can help remove barriers to disengagement and collaboration and engage your group members. 

The foundation of my approach as a meeting facilitator is the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ Technology of Participation.  These methods help align group members, separate the people from the issues, and evoke group creativity.  If you are looking to engage your group members, employees, or volunteers, consider hiring Rooted in Process to facilitate and capture the action of your group.  We tailor the meeting process to your group’s needs, whether that is strategic planning, action planning, or custom workshops.  We also have access to Wiley Brand’s DiSC assessments and workshops to help your group communicate better.  Meeting facilitation can be the bridge you and your group need to remove obstacles and realize your action.  Contact us today for a free one-on-one discovery session.